July 5, 2017

B2B Marketplace for Long-Tail eProcurement – Amazon Business: Newtron provides customers with customized access

Hamburg, July 20th, 2017 – At the end of last year, Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, launched Amazon Business, a new service aimed specifically at business customers. According to Amazon, the portfolio includes more than 100 million products – from IT and laboratory equipment to gastronomy accessories. The eProcurement service provider Newtron not only provides its customers with access to Amazon Business via an interface, but also ensures that the procurement processes still meet company-specific requirements.

“With this direct connection to Amazon Business, our customers will benefit from extended procurement options,” says Newtron CEO Michael Bibow. “In particular, the coverage of Long-Tails – i. e. the product range that is not part of the company’s own core business and is only marginally in demand, but nevertheless achieves a considerable order volume – offers advantages.” Thanks to Amazon’s wide range of products, most items such as office equipment, PCs, printers, etc., which are often procured outside of predefined processes and therefore burdened with high processing costs, can now be purchased via the B2B Shop.

Simple integration into Newtron eProcurement

“The challenge, however, is to incorporate these purchases into the existing company-specific process landscape in such a way that they comply with all the existing regulations that otherwise apply to internal procurement processes,” emphasizes Bibow. For instance, it may be important that only selected material groups within the portfolio are approved for activation, that spending limits and approval workflows need to be defined, that invoice assignments must be automated or a creditor/debtor strategy needs to be implemented. “Thanks to our longstanding business process expertise, we have been able to develop solutions that enable our customers to use the Amazon B2B Shop without having to make any modifications to their existing procurement processes and policies.” Bibow concludes. “We provide you with a customized ready-to-use application tool that guarantees legal compliance and ensures transparency and control at all times – on a global scale.”

Newtron GmbH

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