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Supplier evaluation

Flexibly check, evaluate and increase quality

Do you need more transparency with regard to your suppliers?

Supplier evaluation or supplier scoring enables the evaluation and subsequent categorization of all suppliers associated with the company. Supplier evaluation makes a significant contribution to measuring, presenting, and comparing the performance of suppliers, as well as to continuously improving the performance of your regular suppliers with consistently monitored improvement measures.

Your benefits

  • Uniform and structured grade assignment through central processes
  • Improved supplier performance through greater transparency
  • Supplier comparison (report) with graphical representation  
  • Ability to provide information during audits or supplier discussions
  • Reduction of total costs through targeted supplier selection
  • Automatic supplier categorization and year-end evaluation
  • Risk minimization and preparation for measures – graphical supplier comparison (report)
  • Fast entry form for multiple suppliers
  • Scaling of the evaluation in main and sub-criteria