Benefit from the years of experience and extensive practical knowledge that our consulting experts have in the field of procurement management. We can offer you Full Service Events and advice on processes, expanding usage and change management.

Customers have access to Newtron professional services‘ (PS) business consultants, with national and internal experience, during all phases of collaboration. They offer an extensive portfolio of services.

Newtron GmbH‘s consultants can assist purchasing companies with sourcing projects, complex tenders and auctions. As part of the existing customer management, common goals are defined and permanent solutions are identified to further improve internal processes. In this regard, all areas of the Newtron suite are tested to see if they are suitable and, if requested, optimized.

Our services

  • Thorough support with short response times across all areas and products
  • Shared definition and monitoring of objectives
  • Set-up of a system, both in terms of content and technology
  • Training and consulting for purchasing organizations
  • Material group analysis
  • Development of transaction strategies and scenarios
  • Implementation of supervised tender and auction projects
  • International transaction support
  • Multilingual consulting and support for buying companies