Managed Procurement Projects

Our professional service consultants are at your side throughout your individual project, and can competently guide you through the entire process of creating an inquiry/call for tenders and/or auction with Newtron. In doing so, our employees work with you to compile all the necessary information such as target specifications, project phase definitions and portfolio analysis for an efficient procurement project, and, using these specifications, implement a suitable solution, before ultimately comparing quotations with you and placing an order.

Experience immediate visible effects such as reducing process costs and time. We will show you the advantages of electronic procurement and demonstrate how intelligent procurement management works.

This will give you a detailed insight into digital procurement and enable you to experience how easy it is to save time and money on your specific project.

Our Services

  • Target objectives
  • Definition of all project phases and summary in a project plan
  • Portfolio analysis and identification of suitable goods/product groups
  • Project and transaction setup
  • Integration of suitable suppliers
  • Illustration of the process with a suitable eSourcing tool
  • Quotation overview and order
  • Review and training
  • Intelligent procurement management within your company