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Customer Service

Frequently asked questions on Customer Service

This is where the experience in supporting customers in the strategic area and the professional competence in operational procurement are combined.

Our customer service has in-depth expertise in the execution of master data configurations, implementation and initiation of supplier rollout (ERP system connection, WebEDI, OCI shops), fault analysis with regard to catalog creation (supplier side), catalog use (buyer side) and test scenarios (in the DEMO/TEST system).

Receipt and prioritization of incoming customer inquiries, ticket creation and ticket monitoring up to and including the solution, and implementation of customer requests (e. g. provision of master data extracts, master data configurations, partial consulting and support for internal catalogs etc.).

Supplier support is fully covered by customer service.

How you benefit

  • Short reaction times
  • Reliable support
  • Individual problem solutions  
  • Technical knowledge of all Newtron solutions
  • Support in the languages: German, English, Chinese and on request Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Slovak, Czech
  • Support from the time zones ECT (Europe), CST (North America) and CTT (China)  

Do you need help with our solutions? 

Would you like to know more about our solutions for suppliers? 

Please contact our Customer Service team for assistance:

Please contact our Customer Service team for assistance: