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Newtron Supplier Services

Our support team combines the technical expertise of customer support in strategic and operational buying. We support suppliers and buying companies in the areas of Supplier Management, eSourcing and eProcurement.

Our catalog services

  • Catalog management support
  • Consulting for catalog creation (BMECat 1.2)
  • Initialization of suppliers in the portal
  • Catalog support (error analyses, etc.)
  • Support for catalog creation (conversion to XML format, upload of catalog data, etc.)
  • Testing of ERP interfaces
  • Integration, configuration and testing of external stores (OCI/Punchout)
  • Error analysis and correction
  • Complete takeover of catalog creation (after prior consultation, effort estimation & contractual agreement)

Our services in eSourcing / Supplier Management

  • Supplier onboarding
  • Support with contact person maintenance
  • Maintenance of the company profile
  • Support with customer management processing
  • Advice on maintaining customer LSAs and applications
  • Support for bid submission in tenders and auctions
  • Training in test auctions

Do you need help with our solutions? 

Would you like to know more about our solutions for suppliers? 

Please contact our Customer Service team for assistance:

Please contact our Customer Service team for assistance: