ERP Integration

Integrating processes into the various ERP systems used by customers and suppliers is a key component of operational and strategic procurement projects. The highest possible amount of value can only be created with perfect ERP integration, with process automation being a key deciding factor. Avoiding media disruptions is an important element in this process.

Newtron is a technologically independent service provider; it is irrelevant which ERP systems are used by customers and suppliers. Every ERP system uses standard documents such as orders, invoices, credit notes, delivery notes etc., and there is a formal description for every document. These format descriptions form the basis for the creation of interfaces for ERP integration, regardless of whether, for example, SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics or other systems are in use.

Rely on our strength in the system integration of heterogeneous IT system landscapes.

Available interfaces

  • Supplier master
  • Materials list
  • Payment terms
  • Account assignment element
  • Cost categories
  • Procurement information record
  • Document information record
  • Documents
  • Inquiry/quotation
  • Free text order/BANF
  • Order/order change
  • Order confirmation
  • Material groups
  • Reminder
  • Delivery schedule/delivery instruction
  • Goods receipt, invoice information
  • Invoice, credit note
  • Complaints/8D Report
  • Long-term supplier declaration