Materials Management

Newtron Materials Management lets you collect all relevant information about materials, either automatically (e.g. after creating/updating a supplier catalog) or manually.

You can consolidate multiple materials lists to make it easier to manage and construct a single materials list. This means that the procurement of similar or structurally identical items from various suppliers can be bundled and managed as a single material.

Catalogs can be created directly from the materials list, allowing end users to place orders for materials.

Newtron Materials Management can be used both by companies who already have an ERP system and those who do not. Depending on the customer, the materials list will either be created from the ERP system or the supplier catalog.

How you benefit

  • Merge various ERP systems into one unified standard
  • Map approval and permit processes in a seamless, uniform way for the entire company
  • Ensure compliance and audit safety by mapping approval and permit steps
  • Cut and paste materials lists into tenders
  • Option to link to warehouse management