Service Procurement

Service procurement is a constantly growing segment in C-parts management. Newtron can help you with optimized workflows, saving time, money, and stress.

In contrast to material goods, services are indirect and intangible: they always require an interaction, and, often, direct customer involvement. As a result, individual assessment criteria need to be determined and special processes developed for their procurement. Unlike material goods, it is not possible to verify and assess quality before ordering, or before the goods are delivered: this can only be done during and after the delivery of the service. The more clearly a need is defined in the bidding process, and the greater the structure imposed on quotations by service providers, the easier it is to select a provider.

Ihre Vorteile

  • Gain transparency and traceability for service provision
  • Reduce internal and external communication costs
  • Optimize invoice verification
  • Ensure processes meet compliance guidelines
  • Ensure availability of all relevant documents when required