Warehouse Management

Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)
Newtron‘s VMI option is the perfect solution for vendor managed inventory. You can optimize your warehouse management, simply and sustainably, by ensuring that your inventory is always up-to-date — thereby saving money and time.

With Newtron VMI you can easily optimize and streamline your warehouse processes through automation. Regular suppliers can view your inventory and requisition plans for the materials they supply. They can then use this information to control and monitor their own ordering processes. Additional reminder and escalation processes, as well as optional approval processes, increase security when using VMI.

Customer Managed Inventory (CMI)
Newtron CMI gives our customers the ability to manage the inventories of their own warehouses.
Like VMI processes, the CMI option provides automated order suggestions to replenish inventory based on the MRP information (minimum/maximum inventory etc.) on file. Order suggestions are created on the basis of defined inventory parameters (e.g. once a night) via a warehouse location matrix, with corresponding nodes for the warehouse/item in question.

Warehouse Requisition
In the Catalog/eProcure system, warehouse requisitions are managed via a split mechanism so that the items/materials to be ordered are assigned to the appropriate warehouse. This means that internal items on stock can also be made available to order or requisition.

How you benefit

  • Manage and book your inventory in the inventory measurement unit set up in the ERP system
  • Run verification and order processes in parallel
  • Improve reaction time for fluctuations in demand
  • Make processes transparent for greater planning security