This eTool is a central steering tool that provides an overview of efficient, quick analyses of transaction data, regardless of your company‘s structure — all at the touch of a button. You are given a perfect overview of the orders you have processed, and can evaluate them effectively.

Immediately after a transaction has been processed, the system automatically checks to ensures data quality and captures data for reporting purposes. Missing data in the order documents can be looked up and supplemented (data enrichment). In addition, data consistency and data cleaning are also guaranteed. These measures enable Newtron to secure and improve the quality of your data.

Of course, our reporting tool can also be integrated into your system landscape. Generate valuable information for contract negotiations through price analysis, e.g. based on top items, target price determination, or inflation index at the items or materials groups levels.

How you benefit

  • See quick success with intuitive operation
  • Enjoy visually appealing, clear presentation
  • Handle multi-dimensional data analysis easily
  • Respond quickly (ad-hoc provision of data)
  • Export to Excel for further processing