Supplier Self-Disclosure (SSD)

Supplier Self-Disclosure gives you an overview of your suppliers‘ news.

Whether this is changes to the company‘s name, the number of employees it has, or new certificates — this product ensures simple, regular updating of standardized, and customer-specific, supplier data. In addition, supplier self-disclosure supports the electronic categorization and classification of suppliers.

Supplier Self-Disclosure is primarily recommended as part of the online supplier registration in your supplier portal. This enables you to prequalify applications from particular suppliers automatically, thereby documenting and substantially shortening the subsequent decision-making process. If important certificates and verifications have been integrated, the system can help you with process control and reminder management.

How you benefit

  • Send structured, standardized online questionnaires
  • Send mailings to new/available suppliers for regular, independent updates
  • Integrate internal customer classifications to distinguish between major and minor changes
  • Have a quick overview of your business partners‘ information — option of classifying suppliers
  • Be reminded automatically about specific verifications/certificates with different run times
  • Integrate into a downstream evaluation and categorization management system