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Order Requisition (eBANF)

Simple and structured order management

The order requisition tool (eBANF) allows requesters to enter their requirements quickly and intuitively without having to know all the information in advance. Direct transmission of requisitions between internal departments, the buyer, and accounting simplifies order processing.

The requirements are transmitted to purchasing in a structured, clear, editable manner that can be viewed at any time. This makes it easier for the buyer to bundle the orders and assign the requirements. Transparency and consistency are guaranteed in this process.

Your benefits

  • Quick start due to intuitive user interface
  • Simplified order processing through uniform requirements
  • Extensive approval workflows can be mapped  
  • Permanent documentation and archiving of the entire order cycle
  • Direct transfer to tender or auction possible  

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Patrick Schmiedehaus

Patrick Schmiedehaus

Head of Sales & Marketing