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Materials Management

Optimize your item management

With Newtron Material Management, all relevant material information can be compiled either automatically (e.g. after creating/updating a supplier catalog) or manually.


Using Newtron Purchase Requisition, you record all company-wide requirements in the Newtron eSourcing solution. A set of different templates is available to the requester for submitting his requirements, so that the procurement requirements are described in a uniform structure throughout the company.


Catalogs can be created directly from the material master to make material orderable for end users.


Newtron Material Management can be applied to companies with an existing ERP system as well as to companies without an ERP system. Depending on the customer, the material master is then generated from the ERP system or the supplier catalog.

Your benefits

  • Merging of different ERP systems into a uniform standard
  • Release and approval stages can be implemented without media discontinuity and uniformly throughout the company
  • Compliance and revision security through authorization and approval levels  
  • Possibility of transferring a material to a tender
  • Possibility of connecting to the warehouse management system  

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Patrick Schmiedehaus

Patrick Schmiedehaus

Head of Sales & Marketing