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8D Report

Effective problem solving instead of symptom treatment

Manage your complaints in a fact-oriented and professional manner and eliminate underlying issues instead of dealing with recurring symptoms.

With Newtron 8D Report, you exchange complaints with your supplier using the standardized eight process steps. This allows you to quickly and efficiently determine the type of complaint, responsibilities and measures to eliminate the defect. The systematic approach and consistent documentation of the individual solution steps ensure that product defects are traced back to their causes and avoid merely covering up a recurring symptom.

Your benefits

  • Solve the problem quickly, even if you do not know what is causing it
  • Provide verified causes and solutions
  • Summarize all of a team‘s knowledge in a fact-based way  
  • Find efficient solutions for time-consuming problems
  • Boost customer loyalty thanks to improved collaboration
  • Optimize your processes through clear recommendations for action
  • Gain visible commitment as a result of transparent teamwork