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Quality Management

Flexibly review, evaluate and increase quality

Newtron Quality Management is a tool for quality planning for comprehensive supplier processes.

It describes exactly which tasks must be carried out before a product is created in order to achieve a high-quality result.

In addition, a status evaluation facilitates “project controlling” of the individual activities. We recommend this product to customers who want to carry out a time-controlled 1:1 survey process with the supplier, requesting the supplier’s current processing status and having it evaluated in a consolidated manner.

Your benefit

  • Structured, multi-stage interview process between customer and manufacturing supplier
  • Standardized hierarchical evaluation procedure
  • Quick overview with APQP dashboard  
  • Online quality assessment with already pre-qualified regular suppliers
  • Standard process
  • Status evaluation by suppliers and internal quality evaluation by quality management as well
  • Transparent overviews online and offline via Excel download