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Supplier Self-Disclosure

Up-to-date and complete supplier data – without effort

With the supplier self-disclosure you get the updates of your suppliers immediately and clearly displayed.

Whether changes to the company name, the number of employees or new certificates – the regular updating of standardized and customer-specific supplier data is guaranteed with this product in a simple way. In addition, the supplier self-disclosure supports electronic supplier categorization and classification.

The supplier self-disclosure is especially recommended in the context of online supplier registration on your supplier portal. Here you get automatic pre-qualification of applications from potential suppliers. This way, you can document the subsequent decision-making process and significantly shorten it. If important certificates and proofs are included, the system supports you with process control and reminder management.

Your benefits

  • Structured, standardized online questionnaires
  • Dispatch to new/existing suppliers for regular independent updating
  • Integration of internal customer classifications – differentiation between important/unimportant changes possible  
  • Quick data overview of business partners – possibility to classify suppliers
  • Automatic reminder mechanisms – automatic reminder function for specific proofs/certificates with different durations
  • Integration into a downstream evaluation and categorization management system