Requirement Notification

  1. Requirement Notification

    The Newtron requirement notification enables you to capture demands from across the entire company directly in the eSourcing solution. To this end, the person registering a requirement has various templates at their disposal to communicate their inquiry, ensuring that procurement inquiries can be described in a structure that is standardized across the company.

  1. Requirement Creation

    The templates are based on tried-and-tested RFX functionality. Filtering using individually definable criteria, such as material group classifications, enables you to keep an overview even if there are numerous notifications. The requirements can be seamlessly transferred to the call for tenders module directly after creation or after bundling.

  1. Processing Status

    Further process steps (creation of tenders, receiving bids, awarding of the contract) are displayed as status changes in the original demand. This enables the requester to keep an overview of the current processing status of their requirement notification at all times.

How you benefit

  • Map out all types of demands in a structured, transparent way
  • Gather procurement demands in a structure that is standardized across the company
  • Collect notifications in a central pool
  • Seamlessly transfer demands to the call for tenders module
  • Highly convenient, tried-and-trusted forms that offer many functions