Advanced Product Quality Planning

Standardized quality planning processes offer a clear understanding, security and transparency for all the parties involved in a development process.

With APQP, Newtron enables you to develop your products and services in line with current quality planning standards, thereby ensuring that your customers are satisfied. Above all, APQP is a key component for meeting prescribed standards in the domain of ISO-certified quality management. In this regard, APQP serves as a guide through the development process, representing a standardized solution to share results between suppliers and companies.

Newtron APQP lets you keep an eye on the three phases of development, industrialization and product launch, thereby ensuring that ensuring that all parties involved always act according to the strictly defined standards.

How you benefit

  • Initiate a structured, multi-level survey process between the customer and the manufacturing supplier
  • Gain a quick overview with the APQP dashboard
  • Simplify communication between all the participants in the project
  • Ensure optimum customer satisfaction
  • Plan and use resources in a targeted manner
  • Recognize changes early on thanks to long-term planning
  • Supply high-quality products on time