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January 11, 2017

Employee Story: Anissa Hartmann – “No idle babble”

Newtron employee Anissa Hartmann

Anissa Hartmann wanted to work on a future-oriented technology again. She can now check this box off on her to-do list: She is now the new Marketing Manager in Hamburg since the beginning of 2017.

Until the end of 2016, Anissa Hartmann worked as the Marketing and Sales Manager for a communications and management consultancy at Lake Constance, living in Constance. “Prior to that, I lived in Stuttgart and, as Channel Marketing Manager, I worked to promote that 3D printers and scanners from a US brand also find acclaim in Europe,” says the 27-year-old. Nice places to work!
Nevertheless, she gladly left Baden-Württemberg for the new position at Newtron. “Honesty, reliability and trust are very important to me, and
these are precisely the values I find here at Newtron. From day one I have encountered a harmonious working atmosphere here.”

She most likely finds a good team so important because she grew up with a twin sister. When several clever minds work together on ideas, the result is usually more creative and innovative than if only one of them does,” she says. Customers and companies also want to meet on equal footing and aim to achieve the best for the project. “It’s not just idle babble,” she says like a true northern German. “This is a lived reality at Newtron.”

Marthe Westphal

Marthe Hartig

PR Manager

News on Newtron and the procurement industry - Marthe Westphal, consultant at schönknecht : kommunikation, tracks down and shares it. The agency has been supporting Newtron since 2014 with press and public relations work.

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